Thordon Bearings

Jacmor Engineering is the Australian distributor for Thordon high performance polymer industrial bearings

Whether you are handling wet, dry, bulk or cargo goods, Thordon Bearings are a proven reliable solution for the harsh and dirty conditions found with material and handling equipment. As an ideal replacement for greased bronze, nylon and UHMWPE, Thordon grease free bushings can be found in numerous material handling applications including screw conveyors, cranes, forklifts, grapples and platforms.

Thordon elastomeric polymers and engineered thermoplastics are designed to eliminate grease and oil, to dramatically extend equipment life while operating completely dry.

Tick Jamor Engineering   Eliminates grease and associated maintenance costs

Tick Jamor Engineering   High abrasion resistance

Tick Jamor Engineering   Improved vibration/shock absorption

Tick Jamor Engineering   Low Noise

Tick Jamor Engineering   Easy machining and installation

Along with Industrial Bearings, Thordon designs a complete range of non-polluting bearing and seal solutions for the global marine, hydropower and vertical pump markets.

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Thordon’s Industrial Bearings Website:

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